and Influence

Clients are continually benefiting from the deep levels of personal and professional trust developed over years of service both in and out of government. With our help, clients successfully navigate legislative, policy and administrative issues.

Effective Communications

Managing the complexities of today’s fast-moving multimedia environment is essential. Whether our clients are hit by a crisis or need a better way to connect with an audience, our communications counsel will protect or improve their reputation.

Problem Solving

Defining the objective and creating a strategy to reach those goals is the basis of the framework we offer each of our clients. Within that framework key elements are identified such as: Value & strenghts, key markets, key decisions makers and a timeline.


Researching the competition and opposition is crucial, but we also do opposition research on our clients as well to get a complete perspective. Comparative data analytics allows our clients to turn insights into winning strategies.

“I believe that experience in government gives you a clear appreciation of the challenges that members and staff face and the impact public policy has on the private sector. Every institution has its own rhythm. You need to understand when people need information and how that information impacts the decision making process.”