Government Relations

With each passing day, governments at the local, state, and federal levels increasingly impact businesses and other organizations from all walks of life. The experienced public affairs experts of Strategic Political Group provide clear, focused, and competent counsel to clients navigating difficult government waters.

Our clients are continually benefiting from the deep levels of personal and professional integrity developed over years of service both in and out of government.

Knowledge is what makes the governmental process work – knowledge of the rules, the issues, and the people involved. It is a system that rewards creativity. The integrity of our information, our hard-earned credibility, and our strict confidences ensure that we have the trust of decision-makers in government. During our years of partnership with policymakers, we have been participants in the small rooms where the large deals are made.

Strategic Political Group helps clients confront the challenges of the public policy process. Whether you are a private company, governmental agency, or non-profit, we help craft your message and build the machinery to get it to decision-makers.

Government Relations Services

Legislative Representation

Representation before government & regulatory entities

PAC Management

Create strategies, tactics, benchmarks & recommendations

Media Relations

Strategic public relations and social media strategies

Relationship Building

Develop partnerships with key policy makers & influencers

Community Outreach

Mobilization through diverse media strategies

Public Opinion Research

Customized research and data compilation

Procurement Assistance

Evaluating and pursuing economic development opportunities

Issue Advocacy

Policy drafting & advocating on legislation and regulations

Crisis Management

Protecting your reputation by getting ahead of the crisis