Jeffrey M. Binder, Esq.

Jeffrey Binder

Managing Member of Strategic Political Group, Jeffrey M. Binder, Esq. is a practicing attorney who specializes in working at the intersection of law, politics, and public policy. He is also a litigator who has tried numerous cases across a diverse legal spectrum including election law matters, criminal, and civil cases. He brings his legal, policy and advocacy skills into every negotiation, every committee room,and every opportunity to represent the client.

Jeff is a leader in political strategy and is well respected for his thoughtful pursuit of his client’s interests, both in long-term goals and immediate crisis resolution. His opinions on current political developments are frequently quoted in the press and he has appeared on numerous public affairs issues programs. He has also written several op-Ed and feature articles on both political and legal matters of the day.

He has been a registered lobbyist for over ten years and has provided strategic advice, government affairs services, public polling and campaign management for elected officials, judges, political organizations, and entities in the private and non-profit sector. In 2003 Jeff was appointed by the Mayor of White Plains to serve as a Commissioner of the White Plains Housing Authority.

Prior to co-founding the Strategic Political Group, he served as legal Counsel to major political parties in Westchester and New York City and Chief Counsel to a New York State Senator from Manhattan. He has been in and around politics since 1987 and has advised numerous government officials and political campaigns. He also has extensive experience in grass roots advocacy from his work as Chief of Staff to a New York City Councilman. He is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and Fordham University Law School.